Travel Diaries: Borobudur, Indonesia [part 2]

Travel photography from Borobudur, Indonesia by Chavelli Tsui | by

In addition to exploring the landscape of Central Java during our trip to Borobudur, Matt and I did what we always do: take a walk through a local market. 

Markets are probably my favorite places to experience on trips to new countries. It’s where you can find locals getting on with their every day lives, get a taste for some regional snacks and cuisine, sample the smells and sounds of the area, and interact with real people. You’re also almost always bound to discover something you’ve never seen before—often something edible! We’ve had great market trips everywhere, with some of our favorites in Morocco, Spain and London.

Borobudur’s local market didn't disappoint—the colors (and produce) were simply delightful!


Hanging beans at Borobudur Market in Central Java, Indonesia| © Chavelli Tsui

Everyone was super friendly


Well, almost everyone!

A local market vendor at Borobudur Market in Central Java, Indonesia| © Chavelli Tsui

Beautiful snippets of life and reality

Smiling local vendor at Borobudur Market, Central Java, Indonesia| © Chavelli Tsui



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