5 Amazing Destination Wedding Venues in the United States

You know that you want to leave a one-of-a-kind stamp on your wedding celebration, that people will look back on saying, “remember when…”. Picture this: your guests show up for your big day, and they instantly feel transported. All of it combines; the magic in the air, the taste of adventure, the incredible detail that goes into creating not just a wedding, but a shared experience that will forge lasting memories. Your venue can be the gateway that opens this perfect moment in time.

Find a location that speaks to you on a personal level with this list of five romantic and beautiful wedding spots, all containing the romance, mystery and stunning extras that make it all you could hope for.

Photo from Little Palm Island website

Little Palm Island Resort and Spa

Little Torch Key, FL

If you thought that jetting off to your own little piece of paradise was just an impossible dream, think again. This venue is an oasis of sand, sun and privacy. At this property, you will enjoy activities like spa days, incredible fireworks, water fun and games, and guides that will be happy to escort you to the nearby Key West for a visit. If the intimacy of the Little Torch Key isn’t enough, you can rent the whole island for you and your guests. Your wedding will be the ultimate destination with calm blue ocean waves, colorful marine life, time to explore, perfect views, and a staff that will treat you like royalty. 

Photo from Brush Creek Ranch website

Brush Creek Ranch

Saratoga, Wyoming

The atmosphere of serenity that envelopes this entire venue will make your wedding the most memorable event of the year. 150 of your friends can join you for the experience of a lifetime, enjoying the vast wilderness, decadent food, and the feel of the country at this award-winning space. This romantic spot is what dreams are made of in the middle of Wyoming!

Image from Carneros Resort website

Carneros Resort and Spa

Napa, CA

Ever thought of kicking back in the wine country of California? This resort offers the height of luxury while still managing to maintain a level of relaxation that gives new meaning to the phrase, “casual elegance”. Here, you will be offered a breathtaking natural setting for your ceremony, and multiple options for where to stay, from adorable cabins to large spaces for families. Their site where we gathered our info is incredibly user-friendly and beckons you to take a second look...

Image from Blackberry Farm website

Blackberry Farm

Walland, Tennessee

If you want to combine southern charm with a window to the ever-varied landscape of Tennessee, look no further. This location is ideal for foodies who enjoy organic living and amazing accommodations.            



Lenox, Massachusetts

Looking for a distinct European vibe without leaving the states? This distinguished manor will give you all the sophistication you are craving, mingled with the great outdoors and the thrill of the east coast. The team here is dedicated to making your wedding a breathtaking experience, and will be involved in every detail your celebrations leading up to the big day and beyond.


Whether you want a completely private affair, details from a bygone era, incredible class or thrilling adventures, one of these beautiful venues is sure to have all that your desires call for. Destination weddings don't have to be to far flung, international spots—you can create the vibe of one from right here in the US!


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