Wedding Day Tips From A Bride

Before I walked down the aisle in July 2017, I asked nearly every married friend for their number one wedding day tip. 75% of the responses were along the lines of, “Enjoy it. The day moves so fast, make sure you take some time to be in the present and enjoy the moments together.”

Now that our own wedding is behind us, I can definitely say this too would be my top tip for brides and grooms to be! But what exactly does it mean to soak in the moment when it comes to your big day? Let me elaborate with my personal thoughts on the matter...


Spend the celebration with your new spouse!

Wedding day tips for brides! //

During the craziness of a wedding, it’s so easy to get caught up in what’s happening all around you. Family, friends, coworkers, bosses... there are all sorts of people you need to talk to, thank and greet. But don’t forget the most important person: your brand new husband or wife!

There are so many people I’ve talked to who wish they made more of a point to enjoy the day as a couple, rather than as individuals. I have friends who decided they would always be within reaching distance of each other, going as far as to always be holding hands, even if they were talking to different people in totally separate conversations. Others planned on frequent “regrouping” moments to come back together as a couple and take in the scenes in front of them, together. 

Whatever you do, remember that the day is about you and your love!


Plan moments for you to enjoy with special people

One thing that will help you spend more time with your partner, is to actually be intentional about the times you spend with others. For example, plan a specific activity (photoshoot and drinks?) with your bridal party so you can enjoy each other’s company before or during the wedding. Set aside time time with your parents so that you won’t have regrets not being with them enough by the end of the evening. Plan on a specific time during cocktail hour during which you say hi to all your family, etc. 

Part of the rush of the wedding day comes from feeling like you need to say hi to everyone, and by scheduling moments to accomplish them, you’ll be able to have more time for yourself and your spouse.


Focus on you, and your husband or wife.

Honestly, it might be the only day you’re really allowed to do so! Do what works best for you both, rather than your guests. I know, I know, its hard—I’m one person who is always thinking about guests, whether at a dinner we host, or a birthday celebration. It comes far more naturally to me to think of the people at the party than myself. But even if it’s difficult for you to do this naturally, make it a point to do what is best for you, on this special day. 


And above all... don’t sweat the small stuff!

Remember that you are getting married. You are joining in a beautiful union with the one you love, and starting an incredible chapter of your lives together. That is what is important. Not the slightly wilted flowers at 7pm, the fact that the bar ran out of your favorite tequila, or the small hair out of place at the back of your head, or even the drizzle just before your ceremony. Enjoy your wedding for what it is, and live in the moment together!


Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear them!


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