Hermès Decoupage: My Spring Cleaning Find

Decoupage letter C featuring designs of Hermès scarves | www.idrawletters.com

Hermès Decoupage

I love Hermès! From their brand of orange (love the colour), to their iconic Birkin bags, they’ve got a lot of desirable things to lust after. My favourites though are the gorgeous scarves that function just as well as a wall art piece as they do a high-fashion accessory. The beautiful and colourful patterned silk, wool and cashmere creations are so stunningly striking they light up any drab outfit.

One day whilst doing some spring cleaning I found two old Hermès scarf booklets/catalogs; the type with a single scarf spread out in its full glory over the tiny square page. I had resolved to stop being a pack rat, and while throwing out perfectly good images seemed unnecessary, what on earth would I do with these useless booklets?

Decoupage letter C featuring designs of Hermès scarves | www.idrawletters.com

That’s when I remembered I bought a cardboard letter C from Kate’s Paperie months earlier with the intention of painting it. Aha! Why not dress the first letter of my name in the delightful designs of Hermès?

I planted myself on the couch with scissors, a cup of tea, glue, and Netflix for an afternoon of découpage-ing fun. I started by cutting out every single scarf image and sorting them out by prominent colour. These sorta things I don’t really plan, I just start and keep going, always hoping for a successful end product. I tried to create as seamless an effect as possible with all the images by matching colours into a gradual gradient.

It took longer than anticipated (several old episodes of 24) as the corners and curves proved a bit tricky with such small pieces, but in the end I was rather pleased with the result!

Decoupage letter C featuring designs of Hermès scarves | www.idrawletters.com

To seal it all together and add some panache to the finished piece, I brushed on some gloss Mod Podge (all-in-one glue, sealer and finish) which took care of any niggly bits and bumps. Below are some shots of the finished C all ready for display! It now sits on top of my bookshelf along with some photos, maps, toy soldiers, and it’s new best friend, an ampersand.

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