Edible Wedding Favors

A good wedding favor will be a sweet reminder to your guests of the amazing memories they made at your wedding. And rather than giving out something that might be quickly forgotten about or discarded, give the gift of an experience, instead. Edible wedding favors are a great way to celebrate your big day, and your friends will be impressed with your creativity. Plus, you know it will be enjoyed rather than wasted!


Personalized Candy

This is a fun way to make an impression on your party-goers. Some companies will etch your names, initials, or wedding date into candy pieces. Going that extra mile is sure to bring in the wow factor and kick your wedding style up a notch. M and M’s are a well-loved treat that is famous for their personalization tactics. Check out their site for more!


Mini-cakes or Cupcakes

This is an extravagant gesture that is best for brides and grooms who really want to impress. How about tiny cakes with designs or delectable ingredients usually reserved for larger cakes? Think how excited your family and friends would be! Talk with your bakery or cake decorator to see how they would go about this, or if they can refer you to someone. Check out this website for some ideas! 


Gifts Cards as Favors

This can be great if you have either some cash to spare, or a small to medium size guest list. If your occasion includes dinner from a fantastic chef or restaurant, why not see about recreating the experience? Give your friends a pre-paid card to go visit the amazing place that made the food. And while you’re at it, why not try to include a personalized invitation from the chef welcoming them back? They will be thinking of you as they make their way through another delicious meal!


Location Gifting

 Delicious macaroons on stand

If there was any kind of travel involved for your day, or if, perhaps, you simply love your venue, incorporate that into your favors. You can do this through matching the location to the gift. For example, you might choose tiny Tequila shots if your party takes place in Mexico. Or maybe individual wine bottles from a vineyard in California. You may even be able to create a signature wine specific to your party! 

There are endless more options: Macarons from France, beignets from New Orleans, Limoncello from Italy (this is what I'm doing!), and more. Try to take it one step further, like this example from Borrowed and Blue where they've brought in coffee for a Seattle wedding. 


Edible Calligraphy

It is completely possible to take something simple and give it an extravagant and luxurious appeal through writing that can be eaten. Simply choose your favor—be it cookies, cake, candy, or something else, and write out some notes—right onto the desserts! You might even try something with a dual purpose, such as edible thank you notes, if you want a surprising and fun twist. I've had clients ask me to do names on macarons that double as place settings for each guest at their table.


This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to edible wedding favors. There are so many more possibilities out there, but these should help you get started. With these highly-personalized options, you will definitely be the most popular couple around, and even after years, your guests will still be saying, “remember when…?” about the fantastic time they had on your big day.


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