Celebrate Love Every Day, Not Just On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day? Meh...

I think I’m more of a sprinkle-love-into-every-interaction kinda person. Isn’t every day a reason to celebrate love?

Flowers on a Wednesday for no reason at all?

Yes, please!

Honestly, I personally prefer to avoid the whole V-day ordeal and just share and spread love on an ongoing basis. There are so many other moments and ways to tell those you love how you feel! Nevertheless, have you ever thought about why Valentine's Day is even a thing?


The History of St. Valentine’s Day

History books don’t paint a definitive picture of how and why Valentine’s Day came to be, but there are a couple of popular legends.

Some say it all began with a pagan fertility festival observed the second week of February in ancient Rome. Then, Christians got in on the act a bit later.

There were multiple St. Valentines during the Roman Empire that may have been involved with the inception of the holiday. One in particular disobeyed a marriage ban that was instituted by Roman emperor Claudius II, who felt that soldiers were more effective if their hearts were on the front line rather than pining for someone back home.

According to this legend, St. Valentine didn’t share this opinion, and secretly married couples desperate to sanctify their union. When he was found out, he was sentenced to death by the emperor.

While on death row (well, the Roman Empire equivalent anyway), St. Valentine received cards and flowers from couples whom he married. Rumor has it that St. Valentine also fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Prior to his execution—on February 14—he sent his beloved a card, “From Your Valentine.”


How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day Today

While there are definitely doubts to its beginnings, there’s really no doubt that Valentine’s Day has become a huge consumer event in America (and the world). I mean, if you tally up all the numbers, it works out to around $20 billion spent each year!

The way I see it though, expressions of love don’t have to be reserved for just one day in February. Wouldn’t it be delightful if we sent and received expressions of love throughout the year?


Celebrate with Love Notes all Year Long

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to express your love. There are even many free things that can be even more meaningful than a bouquet of roses. Especially when delivery falls on any normal ol' day.

So who’s with me? Let’s expand our day of romance into an every day sentiment.

It doesn't have to be dramatic, showy displays—if you feel love and want to spread it like I do (friends and family count too, not just romantic partners!), sharing it on a daily basis can only multiply the joy! Do we really need to wait for a specified day to convey our feelings?

How are you planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?



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