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Spot Calligraphy

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Spot Calligraphy Options


Hand-written in your chosen style. Short words such as “the”, “of” etc., are not counted, e.g. “The Wedding Procession” is priced as two words.

$15 per word*


2 to 5 lines of running text

$100 + $5 per word


One or two people’s names, or a headline such as “Save The Date” in a custom lock-up designed to your specifications



Custom lock-up, e.g. A&D or AD



Full, single page written invitation

$400 + $5 per word

MENU or similar

Single page written menu or other short page layout

$200 + $5 per word

Return Address

For use to print on envelopes, etc.

$100 for a name with address


Welcome signs, food tags, etc.

view signage price list

If you would like to receive a preliminary sketch in your chosen style, before deciding to move forward with the full project, the following costs will be applied. The amount is then credited towards the final balance if you choose to move forward. This does not apply to single words.

  • Names, Monograms, Signage, Address, Short Text Block : $50
  • Invitations, Menus: $100

* Please note there is a $100 minimum order for spot calligraphy.


Digitization Options

Standard vectorization (for text sizes and small signs)


Manual vectorization (recommended for very large sizes)

$150 per hour




If you have a specific style you would like me to match, let me know!

Classic Scripts

Monoline Script

Classic Copperplate

Flourished Copperplate

Classic Spencerian


Contemporary Scripts

Modern Script

Casual Script

Freehand Script


Brush Scripts

I recommend these for names, paired with printed addresses

Brush Script

Brush Script


Historical Scripts

I recommend these for names, paired with printed addresses

Roman Sans Serif

Roman Sans Serif All Caps







Hello! Thanks for reaching out about my spot calligraphy services. For each of the items in the list, you will receive a piece in the calligraphy style of your choice, delivered digitally.

Minimum Order. There is a $100 minimum order for spot calligraphy.

Deliverables. Each piece of spot calligraphy is hand-written in pen and ink, then scanned at high-resolution and carefully cleaned up and processed for digital use. Standard file preparation will be used so you receive either a transparent .png file or an .eps file with basic vectoring. If you require full, manual vectorization (recommended for reproduction at large sizes or for use in a more permanent setting) additional hourly charges will apply.

Calligraphy Styles. The lettering options above are examples of styles that I can do, however these are just starting points. I am happy to discuss if you have any specific needs.

Usage Rights. All pricing includes full usage and printing rights for unlimited applications for a single event or project. Please note this refers to the calligraphy in the exact, original lockup—e.g. the usage rights do not cover separating single words from a full paragraph and using those individually. Please discuss licensing options with me if you wish to use the artwork for ongoing use beyond the stated event, for resell, or for any commercial purpose.

Design Rounds. Couple’s Names, Invitations and Menus include a standard two-round design process, where layout sketches will be presented for review and feedback before the finished piece moves forward.

Timelines. Project timelines differ from a few days and up depending on the scope and scale. I am available for rush projects if needed, so please ask!

**Please note that studio rates are subject to change at any time.


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