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Calligraphy names with printed address


*Pricing listed is for center aligned Monoline Script in black ink on a light colored, unlined envelope




White, metallic or custom mixed ink

+$0.25 each per color

“Ombré” effect with two inks

+$1.00 each

Dark, lined or opaque paper

+$1.00 each

Hand-made or textured paper

+$1.00 each

Oversized envelopes (any side over 9")

+$1.00 each

3D or box envelopes

+$2.00 each

Unusual layouts (diagonal, wavy, etc.)

+$1.00 each

Unique materials, shapes or sizes (e.g. velvet, leather)

please inquire!




If you have a specific style you would like me to match, let me know!

Style matching is priced at the same cost as the most similar style below, plus $0.25

Classic Scripts

Monoline Script

Classic Copperplate +$0.50 per piece

Flourished Copperplate +$1.00 per piece

Classic Spencerian +$0.75 per piece


Contemporary Scripts

Modern Script +$0.50 per piece

Casual Script +$0.50 per piece

Freehand Script +$0.25 per piece


Brush Scripts

I recommend these for names, paired with printed addresses

Brush Script +$0.50 per piece

Brush Script +$0.50 per piece


Historical Scripts

I recommend these for names only, paired with printed addresses. Both pricing options are listed below.

Roman Sans Serif +$3.00 per piece / +$1.50 per piece with printed address

Roman Sans Serif All Caps +$3.00 per piece / +$1.50 per piece with printed address

Italic +$2.50 per piece / +$1.00 per piece with printed address

Uncial +$2.50 per piece / +$1.00 per piece with printed address

Blackletter +$3.50 per piece / +$2.00 per piece with printed address




Plan ahead! Due to the amount of time it takes to complete, please reach out about your envelope addressing project weeks in advance. Once your project is secured into the studio schedule, please plan on providing your address lists and materials a minimum of 5 days before you need them in hand. Otherwise the following rush fees will be applied:

  • Less than 5 working days: 30% rush fee for 100+ pieces
  • Less than 3 working days: 60% rush fee for 50+ pieces
  • Next day turnaround: 100% rush fee regardless of quantity
  • Same day turnaround: 150% rush fee regardless of quantity

Any rush projects that must be completed over a weekend will incur an additional 50% fee.

A set-up fee of $35 is charged per project session, regardless of quantity, and will apply to additions after completion of the project. Projects with an estimate over $500 require a 50% retainer to secure it into the studio schedule.

Please provide a minimum extra 15% in quantity in case of spoilage. Prices assume that the paper stock is suitable for calligraphy and that no additional treatment will be required before writing. If you would like me to provide the paper, a sourcing charge of $50 will apply, in addition to the cost of materials purchased.

Complete lists must be provided in a basic text document, with the ability to copy and paste—no spreadsheets. Any editing required on my end to make the list work will be billed at $50 per half hour. Please note that due to the differing etiquette traditions around the world, it is your responsibility to word and format your list as you deem appropriate. Your envelopes will be written exactly as the list you provide.

Delivery. Clients are responsible for arranging and cost of delivery of items to and from the studio location in Chelsea, Manhattan. I am able to ship or arrange for messenger services, however the cost will be billed to you.

**Please note that studio rates are subject to change at any time.

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