I believe in a lifetime of learning. Beyond dabbling in calligraphy many years ago in college, here is list of recent workshops and classes I've taken to build my repertoire.



Inaugural Year-Long Class with Julian Waters

State Inscription Carving with Paul Herrera

Roman Capitals: From Slow to Fast with Elmo van Slingerland at A Show of Hands, the 35th International Calligraphy Conference

Contemporary Rustics with Carl Rohrs

Psychedelic Calligraphy: Written and Cut with Carl Rohrs

Pointed Pen Sketchbook with Pat Blair

MasterClass with Sheila Waters



Glorious Gothic Capitals with Barry Morentz

Roman Capitals: Brush with John Stevens

Cheerio 2015: Linearity and Capitals with John Stevens

Brush-written Imperial Romans with Paul Herrera

Flourished Envelopes with Kathy Milici

IAMPETH Convention 2015:

  • Beginning Spencerian with Bill Kemp
  • Flourishing Basics with Master Penman Jake Weidmann
  • Spencerian Meets Copperplate with Master Penmen Michael Sull and Barbara Calzolari

Watchful Experimenting with Yves Leterme

Uncial: Refine & Refresh with Julian Waters

Italic: Refine & Refresh with Julian Waters

The Renaissance Capital in Script and Type with Ewan Clayton

Rotunda with Paul Shaw

Ruling Pen with Peter Thornton

Small & Delicate Capitals with Peter Thornton

In-Depth Illumination with Karen Gorst

Gold, Gold and More Gold with Barry Morentz



Fraktur with Luca Barcellona

Push, Float, Glide, Dab: The Joy of Movement with Ewan Clayton

Which Paper? Which Ink? with Barry Morentz

Calligraphy: Historical Styles with Cara Di Edwardo



Flourishing Copperplate Calligraphy with Karen Gorst

Introduction to Copperplate with Karen Gorst

Script Lettering with Ken Barber



Post-Graduate Certificate in Typeface Design (Type@Cooper)
The Cooper Union, New York City
Instructors: Sumner Stone, Just van Rossum, Hannes Famira, Jean-Francois Porchez, Stephane Elbaz

Hand-Lettered Logos with Ken Barber


Earlier years

Studied foundational calligraphy at Carnegie Mellon University with Myrna Rosen