Calligraphy Workshops



I believe in a lifetime of learning. Beyond dabbling in calligraphy many years ago in college (and even as a 7 year old!), here is list of recent lettering arts workshops and classes I’ve taken to constantly grow and hone my craft.



Masterclass in Gilding with gold and gesso with Peter Thornton

Cheerio: Italic and Variations with John Stevens


Pen Roman Capitals with Elmo van Slingerland

Copperplate Variations with Rachel Yallop



Spencerian Script with Harvest Crittenden

Gothicized Italic with Barry Morentz

Flat Brush with Loredana Zega



Inaugural Year-Long Class with Julian Waters, studying Uncial, Blackletter, Italic, Romans and Ruling pen.

Masterclass with Sheila Waters, studying Italic and Gothicized Italic

State Inscription Carving with Paul Herrera

A Show of Hands, the 35th International Calligraphy Conference

  • Roman Capitals: From Slow to Fast with Elmo van Slingerland

Contemporary Rustics with Carl Rohrs

Psychedelic Calligraphy: Written and Cut with Carl Rohrs

Pointed Pen Sketchbook with Pat Blair



Glorious Gothic Capitals with Barry Morentz

Roman Capitals: Brush with John Stevens

Cheerio 2015: Linearity and Capitals with John Stevens

Brush-written Imperial Romans with Paul Herrera

Flourished Envelopes with Kathy Milici

IAMPETH Convention 2015:

  • Beginning Spencerian with Bill Kemp

  • Flourishing Basics with Master Penman Jake Weidmann

  • Spencerian Meets Copperplate with Master Penmen Michael Sull and Barbara Calzolari

Watchful Experimenting with Yves Leterme

Uncial: Refine & Refresh with Julian Waters

Italic: Refine & Refresh with Julian Waters

The Renaissance Capital in Script and Type with Ewan Clayton

Rotunda with Paul Shaw

Ruling Pen with Peter Thornton

Small & Delicate Capitals with Peter Thornton

In-Depth Illumination with Karen Gorst

Gold, Gold and More Gold with Barry Morentz



Fraktur with Luca Barcellona

Push, Float, Glide, Dab: The Joy of Movement with Ewan Clayton

Which Paper? Which Ink? with Barry Morentz

Calligraphy: Historical Styles with Cara Di Edwardo



Flourishing Copperplate Calligraphy with Karen Gorst

Introduction to Copperplate with Karen Gorst

Script Lettering with Ken Barber



Post-Graduate Certificate in Typeface Design (Type@Cooper)
The Cooper Union, New York City
Instructors: Sumner Stone, Just van Rossum, Hannes Famira, Jean-Francois Porchez, Stephane Elbaz

Hand-Lettered Logos with Ken Barber


Earlier years

Studied foundational calligraphy as an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University with Myrna Rosen