Ways to Tell the World You’re Engaged

Getting engaged can be one of the most exciting times of your whole life. It is unique in that it never comes again (in an “ideal” world, anyway), and you have time to prepare not only for the wedding, but for a deep commitment to another person.

When my fiancé and I got engaged we spent the hour immediately after the proposal calling our parents and siblings on Face Time to let them know. Lots of squeals and surprised faces looked back at us on the screen! For the next few weeks we told our closest friends personally (either in person if they lived in New York or by phone or text if not) so we could enjoy the newly engaged time before finally sending a mass message via social media once we started getting questioned weeks later!

When you have such incredible news to share, it is easy to want to immediately tell anyone and everyone who will listen. But since this is such a special time, you may also want to choose an equally amazing way to announce your engagement.

Say it through Photos

There are often Save the Date cards for when you actually have a wedding day in mind. But if you are planning on having a long engagement, you may choose to send out announcements before the time and place is decided on. Why not? Pick a charming, picturesque spot, hire a photographer, and have some adorable photos printed of the two of you. Usually you find the words, “I said yes!” or “We’re engaged!” written on them, but make it even more personal with your own words (write a poem!?). This is a fun way to let all those relatives and friends find out about your new life as a couple.

Plan an Activity

Since you most likely have some people who deserve to know first about your plans, take them out! Plan a nice dinner, or even a weekend away at a lake or favorite spot. You may even decide to go all out with a cruise or meet up in a tropical paradise. Then, while you have everyone gathered together, you can announce your engagement to them all at once.

Have an Engagement Party

This is not necessarily a brand-new idea, but you can make it great by adding your own personalities to this classic. Send out invites to friends, family and co-workers, asking them to join you for the occasion. You may choose to say that the event is because you’re getting married, or perhaps you want to surprise everyone when they arrive. Decide in advance so there’s no confusion!

Another great thing about this is that you can make it as casual or fancy as you like. Anything from a backyard barbecue, to an elegant soiree at a restaurant or country club is possible. Choose what will be most memorable and fits you as a couple.

Let them be Involved

Surprise proposals are definitely fun, but if you want people to know right away, consider having them there when you pop the question. Inviting parents, best buddies, and siblings to witness this moment will be both sweet and memorable. If you really want to surprise your fiancé(e)-to-be, don’t let them know anyone is coming! Simply send an invite to dinner or wherever you plan to propose, and watch your intended realize that everyone they love is there.

Send Gifts

This is especially great if you’re trying to impress the in-laws! After your fiancé(e) has said yes, the two of you can pick out some special presents to send to all your parents, with a note explaining your engagement and gratitude for their support and love. You may choose to include other influential people from your lives as well, such as aunts, uncles or grandparents. Make sure the gift is specific for each person and something they will treasure. Think nice jewelry, pens, watches, tickets to events, or an exceptional wine.

Surprise them

If your parents or closest relatives live far away, see if you both can snag a weekend flight and tell them in person instead of on the phone. They will love that you took a few days to visit, and that you found it important to tell them personally. Extra points if you can take a taxi and simply show up at the front door.

Using these ideas, you’re bound to make an exciting entry into your engagement, and later on, your wedding day!


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