Autumn Color Combinations

As sad as I am to see summer slowly on its way out, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome autumn! I love seeing the beautiful hues of colors that enter our environment. Enough with the typical reds, oranges and yellows though! There’s so much more to fall than typical Thanksgiving shades. I’ve included some of my favorite combinations below, with burnt browns, rustic blues, amber yellows and warm reds. The palettes from Canva that are included helped to inspire these mood boards.


Autumn color palette inspiration //


To me, these are the quintessential fall hues. I love the burnt oranges mixed with natural blues and browns. The warm shades of sky, fallen leaves and cider. It makes me want to put on a chunky sweater and enjoy a hot beverage!


Autumn color palette inspiration //


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of fall is this beautiful palette of colors. Sure, it kinda falls in with the “typical Thanksgiving hues” that I mentioned above, but done right, it can be sophisticated rather than kitschy. This blend draws from the hues that leaves evolve through, which is emphasized in the ornaments you see as the season progresses on, like pumpkins!


Autumn color palette inspiration //


I love these fall colors for their unique richness. The mix of a dark navy and charcoal colors with burgundy and blush accents encompasses so much warmth and cozinesss. Crisp air, the mellow romance of autumn...

This palette of colors also works perfectly for a fall wedding: navy tuxes with maroon boutonnières; wedding bouquets mixes with pale greens, light pinks and dark reds. It makes for a beautiful setting!


Sources: Wedding Wonderland, House of Harper, PinimgBeaucoup,


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