Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day gift ideas!

Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Moms definitely deserve thanks and need to feel appreciated every day, especially Mother’s Day. On this all-important 24 hours, a gesture is needed that conveys not only her value, but also celebrates all that she is, has been and will be. To you. If you are thinking that flowers or chocolates might not be personal enough, here are some ways to breathe even more meaning into this holiday.



Sometimes, people connect best when sharing. So, why not share a special day or weekend with your mom? The general idea is to find somewhere that the two of you can go together and have good, quality time together. This may mean booking a flight and heading to Napa Valley, Manhattan or Miami for a couple days. If your mom is a fan of something in particular, such as wine or amazing Broadway shows, how thoughtful would it be to take her to New York to watch one! 

Or, perhaps you'd prefer to stick closer to home, and day trips work well, too. Choose a town or special place to visit that is only a couple hours’ drive, head to the site, and spend the day exploring the area. She will love that you took time out of your life to spend with her.


Spa Day

This might be a more conventional idea, but you can make it original. If your mother has a high-stress occupation or just loves serenity, it's especially perfect. Choose a spa package for Mother’s Day! This might include a massage, a mani-pedi, a facial, or various other treatments. To make it even more memorable and calming, offer to drive her to and from the location, or even go with her. Ensure that you thoroughly research and trust the spa location beforehand. Pick a place with excellent reviews and visit prior to booking.

Creative Gifts

This idea involves thinking over what your mom loves most and then going above and beyond. If she’s a book worm, don’t just get her a book from the author she loves, get it signed, or maybe see if you can find a first edition! If there happens to be a reading or book signing going on and she can meet the writer in person, even better.

Or maybe she is serious about her coffee. There are sites, like http://www.customcoffees.com/ that will allow you to make your own concoction. You can do this based on her favorite flavors. These are very different suggestions, but you get the idea. Find out what she has a passion for and then surprise her by going the extra mile.



Although it’s a holiday, Mother’s Day is not usually accompanied by a huge celebration. Why not change that? Decide on a theme. You can make it into a swanky soiree or an intimate family dinner. Create a menu, and send out invites to guests. If other mothers are attending, you can even make it an opportunity to thank all of them for being amazing. 


Mothers are those who speak clearly into our lives and allow us to grow into who we truly are. They are unique, beautiful and strong individuals. No matter how you choose to do it, make sure to thank your mom in a way that she will remember.



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