Inspiration: Marbled Place Cards

Custom marbled envelopes as escort cards with classic copperplate script calligraphy // by Chavelli


Today’s inspiration comes to you in the form of paper marbling—an age old technique of floating paint in water to create delicate patterns—paired with calligraphy. 

I’ve been a fan of the art for awhile now, often ogling stunning sheets of marbled paper, silk scarves and even leather bags. I’ve tried my hand at it too over the years, taking workshops and marbling smaller pieces of paper at home in my NYC apartment by the kitchen sink (haha!). In the same way I love developing photos in a darkroom (yes, film, not digital!), I can spend hours experimenting with paint patterns on water. It’s incredibly calming.

Marbled paper has often been used in book binding for the inside cover pages—check out old books from centuries ago!—but because of how beautifully decorative it is, I could see myself loving a whole accent wall of marbled wallpaper (please tell me this exists?!). Either way, it’s a great way to add elegant decoration to an everyday book, an interior space, stationery, and of course, a fabulous event! Pair marbling with elegant calligraphy and you’ve got yourself some traditional but “elevated” (that’s the hip word these days, right?) place cards with a color palette to perfectly match your affair.



Looking for custom crafted pieces for your event, home or to gift? I can help! 


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