Fall Floral Inspiration

To be absolutely honest, I don’t know much about flowers. But I know I love them.

I love the textures, the complexity of colors, the fragrance... and I love to adorn my apartment with them.

Although I’m pretty much a clueless city girl when it comes to names and details, I have a newfound fascination to discover all I can about them from the farmer’s market in my New York City neighborhood especially as the city morphs into fall.


Since I grew up in Hong Kong—where the leaves on trees never change from green to yellow, orange and red—there was a point when fall was gloriously new to me. I love the smell of the crisp air, the vibrance the season brings, the colors, the festivities, the list goes on. A few years ago (as an autumn newbie), I took a road trip to Lake Placid just to admire the fall foliage and how it affects the whole landscape. The subtle, yet complex hues of fall color are so elegant.

Looking across Mirror Lake near Lake Placid, New York // photo by www.chavelli.com

And it’s not just fall colors, it’s the mood of fall—familiar routines and activities, gatherings of friends and family, warmth and comfort. Balance, yet change. Just like the ceremony to join two in marriage.



Whether it’s a Thanksgiving celebration or a wedding invitation, my design is informed by tradition, but never dictated by it. I’m inspired by the past, but build and play with stereotypical elements of a holiday or tradition to take it further and mold my own interpretations. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience.



The deeper hues of fall flowers are sexy and sophisticated, especially when complemented with nature’s interesting geometric shapes. Muted, dusty or earthy tones convey the fall season in color without being cliché. Dahlias are lovely with their full bloom and naturally perfect pattern. Camellias are intriguing to me for similar reasons, but in a softer way. Arrangements speckled with succulents, berries, leaves and grasses add texture.  



The Fashion Color Report Fall 2014 of Pantone, the czar of color (and a tool constantly by my side), certainly expands on what are typically considered fall hues. I just love what Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® said about this season’s palette:

There is a feminine mystique that is reflected in this palette, inspired by the increasing need for women everywhere to create an individual imprint.

And that’s exactly what I aim to do for all of my clients—help create their own personal mark for their wedding and beyond.

Even if I don’t get to leave the city limits this fall to experience the changing leaves, my heart and my home are already inspired by the season. Even herbs make for a great addition to a centerpiece or its own little arrangements—try out some sage, rosemary and mint in a mini vase to brighten up your desk! Just a quick trip to the local farmer’s market for some of my favorite fall flowers, and I’ll be set. 

What fall flowers inspire you?



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