Cheerio with John Stevens

This is a much-delayed post but better late than never when it comes to relaying my amazing experience at Cheerio this past fall!

It was a 9 hour drive each way between NYC and Camp Cheerio in the mountains of North Carolina. I absolutely love driving (especially alone!) so I was super excited on the way there and felt incredibly inspired and fulfilled on the way back, thanks to five days studying brush Roman Capitals with the inimitable John Stevens.


Calligraphy retreats at Camp Cheerio |

This was the view from our dining hall. Amazing, right?!



As if that wasn’t enough, between the beautiful scenery, the delicious food and the encouraging, passionate and positive people, I couldn’t have asked for a better and more immersive experience! An extra special thank you to Jim and Joyce Teta —who are both such wonderful people—for organizing this retreat year after year.




Snaps with John and my friends Eileen and Wendy who joined from Chicago and LA!


A peek at our workspace. Everyone got their own desk with risers (it's so much easier to work on brush Romans this way, moving your whole body) in a fabulous lodge complete with a fireplace, wrap around porch and view of the valley.

Calligraphy retreats at Camp Cheerio |


I was originally going to write a massive post detailing every day, every approach and nuance in his teaching but honestly, I wouldn’t do it justice. I think the best I can really do is recommend that any serious calligrapher go to Cheerio at some point. The immersive experience with fellow lettering lovers is completely enriching, and the consecutive days of teaching will really improve your understanding of letterforms and the craft. So, whether with John or any of the other teachers that come through twice a year, make sure you check it out!

Cop out on my part, I know. But I hope you enjoyed the pictures that gives a peek into our week!


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