5 Ways to Tastefully Incorporate Green into your Wedding Day

There are so many creative ways to incorporate emerald green into your wedding plans without turning your ceremony into a leprechaun event. You can easily accomplish this by adding the right details of this vibrant color. Emerald green is perfect to add a luxurious tone with the color to your wedding ceremony and reception. Fresh, mint hues are perfect for seaside and countryside affairs. If you’re considering incorporating emerald green into your special day, here are some of our favorite ways to do it!


Bridesmaids dresses by Christine Field-Hall | Photo by  Chris Spira

Bridesmaids dresses by Christine Field-Hall | Photo by Chris Spira



Bridesmaid Dresses!

One of the best ways to incorporate green into your wedding day is in the bridesmaid dresses. The green bridesmaid dresses will add a nice touch of the color to your event without being too overbearing. There are so many shades to choose from too! I just love gorgeous Emerald green like the BHLDN dress above for a rich, gem-tone look. In contrast, my friend and client Claudia had bridesmaids dresses designed and made (by one of her fashion designer bridesmaids, nonetheless!) in a lovely pale mint green for her exquisite Bali wedding last year.


Calligraphy wedding invitations by Chavelli www.chavelli.com | Photography by  Jessica Rieke
Letterpress and gold foil custom wedding invitations by Chavelli www.chavelli.com | Photography by  Chris Spira



The best part about using green in your invitations is that it wont clash with the colors on the wedding day itself. Often people are concerned with outdoor weddings because there's already so much greenery! With invitations though, you can go green to your heart's content. Use green paper, or green ink, or even use green in the envelope liners!

In addition to her lovely green bridesmaid dresses, Claudia used mint green throughout her wedding paper. I designed the custom invitation suite above that used mint for their names (letterpress printed with a gold foil border) and the envelope was a beautiful pale mint. Perfect to convey the fresh tropical setting of Bali.


Calligraphy wedding place card and menu by Chavelli www.chavelli.com | Photo by  Jessica Rieke
Hi Miss Puff


Tabletop Greenery

Incorporating subtle greenery into your tabletop decor will make your tables really pop! A bowl filled with ferns and other green leaves on a white tablecloth can be just the touch you need to add some color to your tables. 

Brita Olsen always finds interesting ways to incorporate green into her tabletops. From mint green-colored napkins to emerald place settings, I am always inspired by her creations.

It's super on-trend in 2017 to use only greenery on tables, instead of elaborate floral centerpieces. There are just as many beautiful shapes and sizes of leaves and greenery. Think of the variety just within succulents, monstera leaves and herbs!


Photo:  Diana McGregor  // Cake by  Frost It Cakery
Photo:  Jose Villa  // Cake by  Perfect Endings

Photo: Jose Villa // Cake by Perfect Endings



The Wedding Cake

Add a little green by using ribbon and icing, or even better, some greenery to your wedding cake! These simple decorations can give off an elegant minimalist vibe while still adding a subtle touch of green to your cake.


Manolo Blahnik | Photo by  Jessica Rieke

Manolo Blahnik | Photo by Jessica Rieke

Emerald earrings from Van Cleef

Emerald earrings from Van Cleef




5 Ways To Tastefully Add Green To Your Wedding | www.chavelli.com

Use green as a sumptuous accent color by incorporating it into your wedding day accessories. Keep it to small elements like a nice pair of green shoes or an delightful floral crown which will add finishing touches to your overall look. Gorgeous earrings and small pieces of jewelry are perfect for this too!



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