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Poetry, Vows and Love Letters

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Bespoke hand-written poetry and prose includes:

  • Choice of paper size: 8.5x11 or 9x12 or 11x14 inches.

  • Choice of white, natural white, blush, beige or pale grey colored paper.

  • Choice of standard ink colors: black, silver or gold.

  • No extra fees for additional pages. A single page accommodates 50–250 words depending on lettering style and paper size.

  • Minimum charge of $150.

STEP ONE: Choose your Calligraphy Style

Multiply your word count by the per-word cost listed below to determine your base price.


Classic Scripts

Monoline Script $0.50 per word

Classic Copperplate $1.25 per word

Flourished Copperplate $1.75 per word

Classic Spencerian $1.50 per word


Contemporary Scripts

Modern Script $1.25 per word

Freehand Script $1.00 per word


Historical Scripts

Roman Sans Serif $2.50 per word

Roman Sans Serif All Caps $2.50 per word

Italic $2.00 per word

Uncial $2.00 per word

Blackletter $3.00 per word


STEP TWO: Select any upgrades:

Custom ink color

+$15 per page

Custom paper (size or color)

+$10 per page

Black or dark paper

+$25 per page

Hand-made Paper

+$25 per page

Add Illustrative, flourishing or decorative elements

Requires custom quote

Half page fold with silk ribbon binding and cover


Custom booklet

starts at +$150




Pricing. Standard layouts of poetry, vows, letters and similar prose are priced on a per-word basis, with a minimum project charge of $150.

Payment. Projects are invoiced in full up front and are only delivered once payment has been received.

Scheduling. Please allow a minimum of one week to complete your project. I am able to accommodate rush requests, however they will be subject to rush fees as follows

  • Less than 5 working days: 30% rush fee
  • Less than 3 working days: 60% rush fee
  • Next day turnaround: 100% rush fee
  • Same day turnaround: 150% rush fee

Any rush projects that must be completed over a weekend will incur an additional 50% fee.

Delivery. Clients are responsible for the cost of delivery from my studio location in Chelsea, Manhattan. I am able to ship or arrange for messenger services, however the cost will be billed to you.

Custom Designs. Are you looking for something completely custom, with a unique layout and use of colors and styles? Or even perhaps in the style of a medieval manuscript or a centuries old love letter? I am able to craft completely bespoke projects, so just reach out and we can discuss!

**Please note that studio rates are subject to change at any time.


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