My Story

I’m passionate about living a life of delight and helping others do the same. I aim to spread happiness by celebrating everyday joys and bringing back the idea of “togetherness”.

What’s more wonderful than being with loved ones and fabulous friends? There’s no doubt the world is a better place when shared with kindred souls. 

From birthdays to babies to graduations, we often find ourselves gathering for festivities, just going through the motions. When do we ever pay tribute to the daily moments that fuel our zest for life?

I hope to encourage more personal interaction while adding a touch of old-school charm to the way we all interact. Paper isn’t just paper, it’s a timeless avenue for intimate connections. And words? They can look just as beautiful as the messages they convey.

I'm Creatively Driven, People Oriented and Internationally Inspired.

I’m also consumed with a love for paper, letterforms, and an insatiable appetite for travel, believing that experiencing the world and its people can only inspire warmth and understanding. This quote below is one of my favourites, and eloquently expresses my approach to life.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…
Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth.”
- Mark Twain


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 New York Skyline | photo credit: Death to the Stock Photo

I'm a lover of letters and the art of calligraphy.


I began my calligraphy journey when I was 8 years old, learning foundational hand at my British primary school growing up in colonial Hong Kong. Little did I know this was the start of a lifelong love. 

Many years later—after pursuing degrees in graphic design and typeface design—I'm still enamored with letterforms, the history of writing, centuries old manuscripts, and the cultural differences that alter them from place to place. It’s a fascinating world that speaks so much to the rest of my interests.

In the early days of my career I worked as a graphic designer with global clients like Disney, Manchester United and Marriott, as well as neighborhood restaurants, independent creatives, and freelance photographers. Following that I worked in client services in global lifestyle management; building close relationships with CEOs, artists, celebrities and athletes and the like. 


These days I focus on crafting designs that highlight the beauty of the written word on lush paper and in physical spaces.


I continue to bring my design background and visual sensitivity to my lettering work, and leverage my design experience and technical production know-how to create one-of-a-kind services for my clients. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the New York City calligraphy guild, Society of Scribes.

I enjoy and get inspired by vastly different things. Mozart’s genius, Jim Henson’s creativity and passion (my pup Bunsen Honeydew is named after a Muppet!), Tetris, skiing, and even a rousing episode of Jeopardy can totally light my creative fire. I love impromptu karaoke sessions with friends, hosting dinners at home, and throwing killer themed parties!




Chavelli Tsui is a designer, calligrapher and lettering artist with a shameless zest for life. She has lived and worked on three continents with clients like Manchester United and Venetian Hotels, to charming neighborhood restaurants and entrepreneurial creatives. Now living in NYC, she serves on the board of directors of the New York City calligraphy guild, Society of Scribes.

As a lifelong learner and lover of letters, she is constantly pursuing further education and experience in Type Design and Calligraphy. Beyond letters she finds inspiration in travel, the unique people she meets, street markets, paper ephemera, and Kermit the Frog. Originally from Hong Kong, Chavelli is a big fan of Spanish ham, Italian football, Dutch cheese, Brazilian music and British humour.



Linear Language
National Arts Club, New York City, November 2015

Types We Can Make & Type@Cooper
Cooper Gallery, New York City, October 2012


Society of Scribes
Type Directors Club
Association Typographique Internationale
International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting


Post-Graduate Certificate in Typeface Design (Type@Cooper)
The Cooper Union, New York City

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Foundation Certificate in Art and Design
Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Plus many type, lettering and calligraphy workshops with amazing teachers such as John Stevens, Ewan Clayton, Julian Waters, Sheila Waters, Carl Rohrs, Peter Thornton, Luca Barcellona, Jake Weidmann, Pat Blair, Ken Barber and others!