My Philosophy


It was my love of connecting with people that drew me away from corporate design and towards working with individuals for their own unique needs. For a few years I worked in luxury lifestyle management, helping clients make the most of their lives by crafting global experiences that were uniquely tuned to their deep desires. I adore getting to know people, and interpreting personalities and passion into one-of-a-kind pieces.

My passion for type and calligraphy means I strive to make each design a gorgeous piece of compelling communication. I carefully consider how you and your audience are going to engage with each and every detail. Web-design types might call this the “user experience”. I like to call it an empathetic, client-focused, approach. 

I want the impact to be a delight to both the eyes and the heart.

When designing something as “simple” as an invitation, I don’t just consider what the recipients’ eyes are going to see when they open the envelope. I think about what their hands and fingers will touch, and how they will move as they read and anticipate what’s to come.