Place Cards

Names, escort cards, tags and more in calligraphy, hand-lettering and type

Rose gold calligraphy on black paper for a deep and lush Thanksgiving table // Calligraphy by Chavelli // photo by Rebecca Jeanson
Classic italic calligraphy on marbled place cards // design and calligraphy by Chavelli
Calligraphy craft paper name tags // by Chavelli 
Calligraphy tags on limoncello bottles for escort cards at an Italian destination wedding // by Chavelli 
Embellished fraktur blackletter calligraphy place cards // by Chavelli 
Capiz shell place cards with calligraphy // by Chavelli 
Blackletter place cards with black deckled edges // by Chavelli 
Calligraphy place setting: historic Carolingian script on a scroll place card, with brush script on a silk ombre ribbon around the napkin // designed and calligraphed by Chavelli // photo by Rebecca Jeanson
Table names/numbers hand-written in gold on acrylic // by Chavelli 
Bride and Groom glass tile name cards by Chavelli //
Calligraphy written with edible ink for macaron place cards // by Chavelli
Gold calligraphy on marbled place cards // by Chavelli 
Custom laser-cut aspen leaves with quirky script calligraphy for special escort cards // by Chavelli