Calligraphy & Lettering

Custom commissions from poetry, wedding vows, certificates, and many one-of-a-kind pieces

Ombre uncial calligraphy by Chavelli //
Custom designed calligraphy certificate honoring trustees. Hand-crafted in uncial and italic scripts, with 23k gold gilding special touches // designed and crafted by Chavelli
Hand-lettered, historically inspired calligraphy with dramatic flourishes for a Save the Date card // designed and crafted by Chavelli
Fraktur Blackletter hand-embossed into paper for a unique New Year's message! // calligraphy and design by Chavelli
Custom calligraphy on ombre silk ribbons // by Chavelli 
Custom hand-lettering for In A Half Shell printed postcards for the Billion Oyster Party // by Chavelli 
Calligraphy place cards // by Chavelli 
Saint Patrick's Day calligraphy in uncial // by Chavelli 
Wedding vows in copperplate calligraphyby Chavelli //
Brush painted calligraphy on a table runner, with Carolingian calligraphy place cards and brush lettered  silk ribbon for an elegant tablescape // by Chavelli
Carolingian calligraphy in rose gold on textured deckled paper with brush calligraphy on ombre silk ribbons // designed and calligraphed by Chavelli // photo by Rebecca Jeanson
Ombre uncial calligraphy // by Chavelli 
Custom calligraphy for a wedding greeting card // by Chavelli 
Calligraphy wedding menu with deckled gold edge // by Chavelli // photo by Jessica Rieke
Unique, hand-crafted and hand-calligraphed Save the Date scroll // designed and crafted by Chavelli
Fraktur blackletter calligraphy capitals // by Chavelli 
Custom calligraphy for New York Fashion Week invitations // by Chavelli 
"Aint No Fun If The Homies Can't Have None" rap lyrics in fraktur blackletter calligraphy // by Chavelli 
Custom calligraphy for Facebook Live at Refinery29 // by Chavelli 
Calligraphy travel quote // by Chavelli
Poppin pencil case customization in hand-lettering // by Chavelli 
Accordion thank you card in brush roman capitals // by Chavelli
Hand-made Valentine's Day scroll with gold calligraphy script // designed and crafted by Chavelli 
Monoline calligraphy script for a personalized proposal memento // by Chavelli
Script calligraphy // by Chavelli 
Calligraphy Love Note: Shakespeare sonnet written in rose gold on Burgundy paper // by Chavelli 
Custom lettering on Poppin notebooks for a collaboration with the Container Store // lettering by Chavelli
Custom calligraphy and photography for Home Magazine // by Chavelli