Playing with pigments at Studio Chavelli |

Here at Studio Chavelli, I offer a fresh approach to designs for celebrations and big occasions. Bringing a playful yet sophisticated eye, a passion for paper and printing, and an outstanding network of production artists, each original creation is as unique as the people I work with. Together, every piece is holistically conceptualized and designed in-house, created to set the tone and enrich your amazing event.

From the first phone call to the final piece in the mail, you receive a full-service experience, where you will be comfortably guided and cared for throughout the entire project. All you have to do is simply delight in the fun of designing while savoring the process and your peace of mind. 


Studio Capabilities

  • Event paperie design
  • Graphic design
  • Calligraphy and hand-lettering
  • Engraving
  • Letterpress printing
  • Digital printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Foil and painted edging
  • Laser cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Printing on non-paper surfaces
  • and more... just ask!

Read on for my Design Philosophy and Process


Studio calligraphy |
Using oak galls to make ink |

My Design Philosophy


It was my love of connecting with people that drew me away from corporate design and towards working with individuals for their special occasions. I adore love, and interpreting personalities and passion onto paper. 

My obsession and experience with type and calligraphy means I strive to make each design a gorgeous creation of compelling communication. I carefully consider how you and your audience are going to engage with each and every piece. Web-design types might call this the “user experience”. I like to call it an empathetic, client-focused, approach. 

When designing something as “simple” as an invitation, I don’t just consider what the recipients’ eyes are going to see when they open the envelope. I think about what their hands and fingers will touch, and how they will move as they read and anticipate what’s to come (a fabulous event!). 

I want the impact to be a delight to both the eyes and the heart.

As your creative collaborator, I go beyond trends and cosmetic trickery. These days, anyone can create cards adorned with gold foil and letterpress printed words. Instead, I infuse my designs with your spirit and uniqueness; and ensure they will capture your once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the beautiful memories to come.


The Process


Every potential project begins by building a foundation of trust and understanding. Even before we start, I spend time getting to know you with a live call or meeting. I approach creating pieces for weddings as the ultimate branding project—how can we infuse the essence of you and your partner’s personal brand in the tangible work we make? What makes your love different from others and how can we reflect that in the designs?

It doesn’t stop there though. As your designer I’m not here just to create a single piece for your big day, but to be a sounding board of ideas, another mind to brainstorm with, and a collaborator with the resources and expertise to get things beautifully created and made just for you. Here's how it works:

1) Consultation. You reach out to me and we schedule a discovery call or in-person meeting to get to know one another and chat about your deepest wedding desires.

2) Proposal. After our consultation, I’ll send over a proposal and agreement with design pricing and a timeline for the project. Once you confirm by signing the agreement and paying a 50% retainer fee, your project is locked into the studio calendar!

3) Design Phase. This is when the magic happens! I’ll work on your pieces, sketching out ideas and concepts, and presenting rounds of designs to you. I’ll also source materials, peruse paper stocks, and fine tune the details that will make your pieces one-of-a-kind. My process is unique in that you’re not charged for printing costs up front which limits our ability to be creative. Instead, we work together to create a design that is holistically crafted to your unique needs, while discussing the production possibilities along the way.

4) Production Phase. Once you’ve signed off on the approved design and production costs, we’re off to the races! I coordinate with all the necessary manufacturers, from paper makers to ribbon weavers and silkscreen printers to turn your pieces into a sumptuous reality. Finally, they will be packaged and shipped to you, or assembled in-house and mailed on your behalf.



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