Chavelli Tsui, designer and calligrapher //
 Chavelli Tsui, designer and calligrapher //

About Chavelli



I’m a creative with a deep love for sumptuous materials and tasteful details, and specialize in creations that bring the beauty of the written word to lush paper and physical spaces.

As a professional designer, I’ve lived and worked on three continents with clients big and small. From global brands, to athletes and celebrities, to neighborhood restaurants and non-profits. Originally from Hong Kong, I now run my creative studio in Manhattan, collaborating with local and international clients, and serve on the Board of Governors of the NYC calligraphy guild, Society of Scribes.

I’m enamored with letterforms, the history of writing, centuries old manuscripts, and the cultural differences that alter them from place to place. It’s a fascinating world, and I relish each opportunity to bring my love and dedication to the art of calligraphy to the needs of contemporary clients.

I think of my role as playing with words, symbols and images. It’s about making things tangible and understandable, and if we can make things delightful—that’s the goal.